How Are These Pets So Non-Photogenic AND So Hilariously Cute?

While we love all of our pets, some animals can be a little bit better in front of the camera than others. Sometimes while we’re taking pictures, we may catch our pets at an awkward or private moment. Yet whether they’re looking at us bewildered, or sticking out their tongues, or looking someplace else entirely, these non-photogenic pets somehow manage to look hilariously cute in their own way. Check out some of the priceless photos that were taken of these eight lovable animals. Maybe they weren’t captured during their best moment, but they’re still cute nonetheless.

8. That’s Not Where Your Head Goes…

This cat either imbibed too much the evening prior, or it’s trying to get a drink of water from the absolute wrong place. Either way, this wouldn’t be anybody’s best moment to capture on camera.

7. Pumpkin Overload

This cat definitely looks like he’s coming off of a rough evening. The poor guy is probably wondering why a human had to choose this day to take his picture. He just wants to have some quality time with his pumpkins.

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