Got Allergies? Here Are Some Great Dog Breeds to Live With!

Finding the perfect dog for your family takes patience and lots of research. The selection can be further complicated if someone in your household has allergies, but don’t despair. Take a look at these 10 allergy-friendly dog breeds.

Portuguese Water Dog
When President Barack Obama was elected to the White House, he promised his daughters a dog. According to the Chicago Tribune, daughter Malia’s allergies posed a dilemma as the First Family considered the right pet. Ultimately, they decided on a Portuguese Water Dog, a single-coated breed.

When it comes to intelligence, hypoallergenic poodles rank near the top of the pack. These friendly, easily trainable dogs come in both toy and standard sizes.

Ideal for apartment dwellers, the tiny Maltese is another great choice for owners with allergies. According to I Heart Dogs, these eager-to-please white canines make great family pets.

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