8 Things a Dog Needs When Joining a New Home

5. A Potty Schedule


A potty schedule takes a bit of time and patience, but with consistency, you and the pup will be on the same page in no time, which is great for you, the dog and your floors.

6. A Leash for Walking


A dog needs his exercise, and a good walk out in the open air is just the right thing for most canine companions. It helps to work out a regular schedule of walking times, so the dog can depend on a stable routine.

7. Familiarity with the Family


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If it’s just you and the dog, then enjoy your time together as best buds. However, if there are others in the home such as kids, make sure everyone is informed on all the routines and schedules. Explain to kids how to show the dog respect, and make sure everyone spends some time with the dog when they can.

8. Words to Live By


When training a dog, formulate a consistent set of verbal commands and prompts. Sticking with the same words can help the pup avoid confusion. Remember, the dog doesn’t understand English or any other language; he only associates with words he hears consistently.

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