8 Things a Dog Needs When Joining a New Home

So, you’ve decided to take the leap to owning a dog. For those unfamiliar with sharing a home with a canine friend, this may be an intimidating process, but it’s almost always worth it. For example, check out this story about a married couple welcoming their dog Fenway.

Staying organized and preparing to meet the new pup’s needs ahead of time take a lot of strain out of the new relationship. Before you bring home the furbaby, prep yourself and your home to meet these canine needs.

1. Your Attention


This may seem obvious, but some new dog owners may not be prepared for the level of commitment and attention a dog needs in a new home. The dog is likely to be a bit scared and unsure of his new environment, so be ready to guide him through the process of getting familiar with his new home.

2. An ID Tag


It’s best to have an ID tag ready and with you when you go pick up your new best friend. The dog may want to run or wander because he’s not familiar with his home yet, so an ID tag helps others get the pup back to you quickly and safely if he does make a break for it.

3. A Space of His Own


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Have a safety gate or a crate ready if you are planning to use either, and implement the boundaries as soon as the dog comes home. Either way, prepare a space for the dog to know as his own, such as a pet bed in a corner, or even a blanket on the floor. Remember: A crate is not a jail cell; it can be a useful tool in both potty training and traveling, and it gives the dog a space of his own.

4. Food


Of course, the pup needs to eat. Conduct a bit of research to find out which types of foods work well with your dog’s size and breed. Also, be sure to stock up on a lot of treats, as they are invaluable aids in the training process. Plus, they make the dog happy, and who doesn’t want that?

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