It Takes a Village: Neighbors Rally Together to Rescue Cow from 10-Foot Ditch!

Borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor to bake a pie is a common occurrence in small towns. Borrowing a forklift to hoist a drowning cow out of a river is a little more unusual. Faced with a life or death situation, these neighbors rallied together to save the life of one extremely shaken bovine. Enjoying a stroll by the River Nore near Bennettsbridge, Ireland, a passerby happened to notice a cow in distress. After breaking through an electric fence, the cow had tumbled down a 10-foot ditch into the deep river waters, leaving it certain to perish without quick intervention. Notified by the passerby, neighboring farmer Suzanna Crampton hurried to the rescue, calling the owner and driving close to the cow on her quad bike with hopes of persuading the cow to walk to a shallower spot. Efforts by the owner and Suzanna to convince the cow to move fell on deaf ears.
At this point, a second neighbor jumped in to save the day with his forklift. After securing the cow to the forklift with belts, the neighbor lifted her above the surrounding vegetation onto higher ground. Two vets stood ready to intervene if the cow needed medical attention. Two hours after her adventure began, the cow was standing on shaky legs but fortunately unharmed. She was returned to pasture to enjoy the rest of the day in peace.

The rescuers were not granted the same rest. Banding together to ensure the safety of both humans and animals is a regular occurrence in this Bennettsbridge community; the crew went on to round up a herd of escaped cattle blocking a nearby road. This close-knit community is ready to drop anything for a neighbor in need, whether that neighbor is a human or an animal. Here’s a look at another cow with some unusual friends from another species.

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