Mr. Bagel Isn’t a National Chain Breakfast Joint — He’s a Chinchilla With a Following!

Meet Mr. Bagel: no, he’s not a regular breakfast menu item, but this charming chinchilla is a regular at breaking the internet. The small white chinchilla with deep black eyes warms the hearts of small animal lovers worldwide as he encourages people to choose no-fur clothes. Since owner Steve Byun of Southern California began posting photos of his pet on social media, the beloved Mr. Bagel has earned a following of 70,000 viewers and counting.

Check out these fantastic Instagram photos of this cute-as-a-button chinchilla.

Late Lunch!

Care to join me for a quick bite? I’m always willing to share.

House Cleaning!


Just doing a bit of light dusting before the guests arrive.

Hat Trick!

If you like this hat, I can get you one just like it.

Portrait Pose!

This is my better side, don’t you think?

Hide-and-Seek With Plant!

Oh, you found me! This time, I’ll close my eyes and you hide.

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