“Game of Thrones” Star Loves His Tiny Pomeranian

Hafþór Júlíus Thor Björnsson is easily the big man on set when playing Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” His adorable Pomeranian puppy, Astrikur, is much smaller than the 400-pound strongman, but he’s an important part of both Björnsson’s life and workout regimen.Cute and Cuddly


Pomeranians are undeniably cute, and the sight of Astrikur running alongside the 6-foot-9 Björnsson only makes the little guy that much cuter. Astrikur gets his name from Asterix, the pugnacious little comic book hero who goes on adventures with the much larger Obelix, making this the perfect name for the little hero.

Adorable Workout Partner

It’s hard not to stay motivated when a tiny workout partner is there for added motivation. Astrikur is two parts cheerleader to one part coach, helping keep Björnsson at the ready as he prepares for heavyweight lifting competitions or another filming season on the show. Björnsson enjoys the rigorous cardio workout that he gets from his regular play with Astrikur. The tiny workout partner keeps him on his toes, making it easy to see why his character in “Game of Thrones” is viewed as being surprisingly quick for his large size.

Instagram Star


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Astrikur has his own Instragam page, where he regularly shows off pics of time spent enjoying workouts or just lounging around with family. As of July 2015, over 23,000 followers watch the exploits of Astrikur and enjoy reading posts from the cuddly companion. Much like the Pomeranian Boo, his cuteness and erstwhile companionship cannot be denied.Björnsson is easily one of the biggest and strongest men in the world, but when he’s around Astrikur, he’s just a big kid. Our animal companions have a knack for bringing out that side of us. Check out all the animals who love being big kids on the Animal Rescue Site.

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