House Cat Asks: Hey, Mom, Can We Keep Him?

Mountain lions are reclusive creatures that generally keep their distance from human habitats, so it was either hunger or hormones that made this mountain lion venture into the backyard of a house in Colorado. Its curiosity got the better of its shyness and it peeked through a back door only to find two distant cousins of his peering back. Did they look like potential mates? Or just a light snack? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this chance interaction between these felines was a once in a lifetime moment, captured on camera.

The two small cats were just as fascinated by their bigger cousin and watched him intently, as house cats often do. Obviously, they felt safe knowing they were behind their screen door. It’s interesting to ponder what kind of communication took place between these three cats, or if they just stared at each other, as if to figure out why the other was so different. Sometimes cats just get lost in a trance of staring like this onewho just loves to watch birds.

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