Mobile Groomers: Like a Car Service for Pets!

Although grooming is essential to ensure the health and attractiveness of pets, sometimes periodic trips to the groomers can be stressful for pets and owners alike. Having a mobile pet groomer come to your home is a pleasant alternative to the inconvenience of loading your pet into the car and taking it to a grooming facility. Not only does it put your pet at ease, it also means less interruption to your daily routine. Some owners attempt to trim the hair and nails of their pets by themselves, but they do not usually have the training to do it properly. Professional groomers have the equipment and expertise to precisely cut fur and nails without injury.
They also have the ability to check for skin conditions, parasites, lumps and other signs of early illness. However, some pets, especially older dogs, do not react well to visits to groomers. They may experience anxiety while traveling, and close proximity to other animals may cause stress as well. There is a chance that they may pick up diseases from the other pets. If groomers are busy, pets may be closed into a crate or cage while they are waiting. This where mobile pet groomers come in handy.

Mobile pet grooming services are often willing to schedule appointments on weekends or in the evening when regular grooming services are closed. They park right outside your home, saving your pet the stress of the journey. Their vans are equipped with all the necessary equipment to wash and style hair, trim nails and even clean your pet’s teeth. Instead of being surrounded by a noisy roomful of other animals, your pet receives calm, quiet, private treatment in a familiar environment while you carry on with your usual business.

Scheduling periodic mobile grooming makes needed regular care easier for both you and your pet. Use this cute planner to keep track of your pet’s grooming and other appointments.

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