Mentorship Programs for Underserved Communities Helps Pets Stay Healthy

Providing veterinary care for your pets may seem like an obvious necessity, but many pet owners are unable to obtain the care their animals need. One woman observed this problem and decided to solve it by creating an innovative program to provide mentorship and support for under-served communities.Amanda Arrington was working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when she noticed that many dogs were not neutered and did not have other basic necessities. Many of their owners were low income and often lacked transportation options to get their animals to the vet. Even those with the means were often uneducated about the importance of preventative care, such as heartworm medication.


In 2011, Arrington worked with the HSUS to develop Pets For Life, which is one of a growing number of programs that strive to turn things around for these pets and their owners. The organization provides education as well as transportation services to ensure that every animal gets to see a vet. The organization even pays for veterinary care, with the exception of expensive surgeries. She teamed up with Petsmart Charities to expand the program beyond the initial locations in the southeastern United States, and Pets For Life now operates in 28 states.


The program’s success has made a significant difference in the lives of pets and their owners, and it helps reduce the pet overpopulation problem as well. Owners who may have been forced to give up their animals due to their inability to provide necessary care are now able to keep them, and the animals get to stay in loving homes. Members of the Pets For Life team provide daily outreach services as they visit people in the community and provide information about better pet care.Pets For Life and similar programs save lives and help encourage basic care, such as spaying and neutering. Support the effort to stop pet overpopulation with this handy tote bag.

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