What a Difference a Haircut Makes for This Rescue Dog

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Freight, a 3-year-old male collie, was living in a Chicago rail yard when the Trio Animal Foundation in Lincoln Park came to rescue him. They could barely recognize him as a dog because of how matted his hair was. Now, after a haircut and some much-needed medical treatments, this lovable dog has found a home.Freight was in bad shape when rescuers found him. His hair wasn’t just matted. According to DNA Info, the matted hair had collected urine, feces, twigs and dirt, among other things. It was so matted that the poor dog couldn’t even stretch his legs.


Life With Dogs reports that after the Trio Animal Foundation took in Freight, the next step was getting him groomed. They contacted Zulu Dog and Cat Boutique, and the groomer, Kay, took time out of her day for a special trip to come help Freight. She was even nice enough to do it free of charge.


After Freight got cleaned up, the difference was night and day. Just check out the pictures on the foundation’s Facebook page to see for yourself. Freight also tested positive for heartworm disease. While his condition worried everyone at the foundation, he didn’t have a heavy worm load, and the foundation found a medication that was safe to use on collies.


One family agreed to foster Freight while he went through his treatments and recovery from heartworm. Apparently, Freight made quite the impression. Before long, his foster family decided to adopt him. He went through a lot, but it looks like life just got a whole lot brighter for this adorable collie.Freight is a great example of perseverance, and the Trio Animal Foundation did a great job taking care of him. Ready for another heartwarming story about a rescue dog? Expect your heart to melt when you watch this abandoned dog pick out her first new toy with her foster Dad.

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