Man Chases the Cutest Black Kitten Through Italian Streets to Keep Him Safe!

Hearing a small cry from below your apartment could pull on anyone’s heartstrings. Who wouldn’t want to help a tiny black kitten? Sitting in the dark, crying and looking for attention, the kitten was alone. Francesco Murri couldn’t leave the kitten knowing that it was on its own outside, and he went beyond the call of duty for this cutie. When Francesco Murri heard the sad cries of the little black kitten five stories below his apartment, he knew he had to help.

It was dark outside, but that didn’t matter; he tracked the little kitten down under parked cars to make sure it could come inside safely. It was then he found that the kitten was covered in dirt and grime. It needed care and attention, and Murri was there to give it to him.

The scared kitten’s heart was beating quickly, and he couldn’t have known what was coming next. Meowing furiously when he was taken inside, the little kitten was looking for familiar surroundings and finding nothing he knew, but Murri couldn’t release him back outside.

Murri thought the kitten sounded like an opera singer, so he decided to name him after a character in the opera “L’Elisir d’Amore.” Now named Nemorino, called Nemo for short, the little guy finally had a chance at happiness in a forever home.

Now he lives in comfort in the family home, exploring his surroundings, jumping, playing and enjoying his life as a companion pet. Murri wants others to know that it’s very important to adopt pets and not to abandon them. Without Murri’s kindness, the ending could have been very different for little Nemo. Stories like this don’t always come to a happy ending, but Nemo was lucky to find a compassionate human like Murri to have by his side. Now, he’ll be cared for and loved, and they even share a birthday to celebrate together. Looking for more heartwarming stories like this one? We love Mr. Fluffypants and his story, and we hope you do too.

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