Love Is In The Air, But These Dogs Have No Idea Valentine’s Day Is Coming

Do you feel the love on Valentine’s Day? Do you share this love with your pet? Perhaps your dog doesn’t get as caught up in the Valentine’s Day spirit as you do, even if you feel like sending your beloved pooch some heart-shaped dog treats and a card for the special day. You might feel like celebrating the one day every year when humans declare love for one another, but these dogs may not have gotten the message. These pooches look adorable, but they have no idea that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!


Louis the Frenchie is not impressed. He just wants dog treats or his tennis ball.

Totally in Tune

This Siberian husky is totally in tune with its human mama as she shares a kiss on the nose. The look between a dog owner and a beloved pooch is priceless.

Pink Is My Color

Goose Berry the greyhound recognizes that pink is her color. Little does she know that her favorite color matches roses, flowers and hearts on Valentine’s Day! Do you think Goose’s owner will paint her nails pink for the big day?

Birthday First, Then Valentine’s Day!

Maru is all excited for Dad’s birthday. A month later, it’s Valentine’s Day. This pup has a ton of celebrations after Christmas to enjoy!

Naps Are Number One

Jeffrey just wants to take a nap on Valentine’s Day as he does on every day. Love can come later. Naps rule.

Drama Sigh

Blue the Weimaraner closes his eyes and puts a paw on his forehead as a way to sigh when another Valentine’s Day comes around. Either that, or he just wants a nap like Jeffrey.

It’s Here Already?

This guy just turns his head to the side with a quizzical look. “What, it’s here already? When did this happen? I don’t have a card picked out yet!”


Markov Barkov tells his owner “No way. I’m not coming out of this cage until you lose the goofy heart-shaped hat!”

Chewy Love

Chewy can’t wait to show some love to his human sister on Valentine’s Day. Chewy grew to weigh six times more than Delia as she grew into a toddler, so that’s like owning a horse for Delia.

Furry Cuddles

Mango the corgi shows love by taking a nap with his sheepdog companion. It’s all about the cuddles!

Can’t Get Enough

These two corgi pups can’t get enough of each other. Look at the pure cuteness!

Eye Roll

This big fella just rolls his eyes at the human love on Valentine’s Day. He just wants treats and a belly rub and then he’s good to go!

Keep your dog in mind when you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Your pooch is a member of the family, and your furry friend loves to receive attention. Consider buying special treats from your favorite locally owned pet store, or make some treats at home on your own. Consider making Valentine’s Day extra-special by adopting a dog from a shelter because no one wants to be alone during holidays.

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