Do You Love An Animal Enough To Keep It With You Forever?

Is seeing an animal you adore sure to put a smile on your face? Some people decide to showcase just how much animals enhance their lives by getting tattoos to elicit that very response with every glance! Read on and check out how a few creative animal enthusiasts took permanent steps to share their appreciation for animals with the world.

Ink History into Your Skin with a Panda Tattoo

Many people don’t know that pandas used to roam all across China millions of years ago. Now, they primarily live in the mountain ranges of central China – which is an interesting fact that you can share with people when they see your adorable panda tattoo!

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Curious Kitty Reaches for the Stars

Cat owners know that felines are forever curious. This enthralling tattoo perfectly represents the mentality of a feline, showcasing a cute cat reaching for the stars!

Charm People with a Snake Tattoo

It isn’t always the first creature people feel affection for, but there’s a sizeable amount of the population who greatly enjoys the sinuous beauty and stubborn survivalist nature of the snake. This brave woman decided to show her love for this animal with a subtle hand tattoo.

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Bear a Captivating Bear Tattoo

It’s important to bear in mind that those of the ursine lineage are capable of quiet grace and beauty. Though the cute and often clumsy idea of a bear is common in everything from cartoons to wood carvings, a stunning tattoo like this captures the wild elegance in their hearts.

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