Animal Lovers Adore These Lovable Paws, Until They Take A Closer Look…

Our kitty and canine furry friends certainly have some adorable, cuddly paws. But apparently, they’re not the only animals that boast such delightful, dainty feet. One animal may have the prettiest paws of them all, and yet when some people found out on social media which animal this was, they recoiled with horror.

Photos: Twitter/Rebecca Whetstine

Would you believe that these photos are of spider paws? These close-up images show that those tiny terror-inducing arachnids do in fact have some of the cutest little feet. Who knew these creepy-crawly web-weavers had such silky, furry legs?


Photos: Twitter/Rebecca Whetstine

Not everyone hates or fears spiders. Some people find them totally adorable and even (shudder) keep huge, hairy tarantulas as pets. Some folks live in happy harmony with arachnids, valuing the natural fly traps they string up in every corner of the house.

Photo: Imgur

Others prefer to safely relocate these silent, scuttling creatures using the glass-and-card trick, sometimes even wearing rubber gloves in case of accidental contact. If the mere sight of a spider scurrying across your floor or gazing up at you from the tub has you screeching with fear, you’ll probably need some more convincing that these tiny spider paws are cute. And you wouldn’t be alone. There were plenty of reactions on Twitter from people who weren’t impressed.

So, will these photos change the way you think about spiders? Or do they make you shudder even more? Whatever your feelings toward them, just remember that they have some adorable, silky legs, and it’d be a shame for them to go to waste. Maybe the next time you go to squish that critter, you’ll think twice. Besides, most spiders aren’t at all harmful and can even be good to have around.

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