8 Tips for Finding a Lost Cat if the Backpack Doesn’t Give Him Away

Losing a cat is a heart-wrenching event in any kitty owner’s life. Before you go into panic mode, take quick action to increase the odds of finding your feline.

Start the Search Immediately


Don’t waste any time getting the search underway. Start close to home. Feline are expert hiders, so make sure your kitty isn’t simply playing an intense game of hide and seek. Move to outdoor spaces, including under porches, in garages and around the yard. Get as many people involved as soon as possible to increase the chances of finding your pet.

Involve the Neighborhood


Cats often stay close to home, so hitting your own neighborhood hard is a solid plan. Canvas the neighborhood on foot so you can check out potential hiding spots you can’t reach while in the car. Knock on neighbors’ doors, and get them involved in the hunt. Have a photo handy.

Set Out Litter Box


The familiarity of your cat’s litter box may help lure her home. If you’re lucky, your adventurous feline may pick up on the scent and find her way home. Make a trail of the used litter leading back to your home to help in the efforts.

Offer Food and Water


Another way to lure your kitty home is with her favorite food and a bowl of water. Place the dishes outdoors, close to your door.

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