8 Ways to Conduct a Litter Box Intervention

Litter box areas can be a disaster, especially if you have multiple cats. Cats value their private time in the privacy of their own litter box, just like humans value privacy during their pit stop time, too. Here are some fun and practical ways to organize the area for you and your cats while beautifying an often messy space.

Easy Scoops


Some litter box scoops have their own scoop stands that fit neatly on the floor, which is perfect for one-stop cleaning. If floor space is a premium, a cloth shoe organizer creates a space on the wall or door to neatly store your scoop.

Litter Mats


Put down matching litter mats in front of each litter box. These mats have special designs to trap any litter that cats fling outside the box.

Matching Litter Boxes


Match litter boxes so they fit into your space properly. Try to find boxes that are deep to try to prevent cats from spraying litter everywhere. The boxes should have a long dimension so cats align themselves in just one direction every time they use the potty.

New Layers


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Before your weekly cleanings, add new layers of litter to keep the area fresh. This cuts down on odors and encourages your cats to use the litter box rather than the carpet.

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