8 Ways to Conduct a Litter Box Intervention

Contact Paper


Protect surrounding walls with contact paper for those errant sprayers. Cat litter has a tendency to stick to walls, so it’s better for it to stick to replaceable contact paper instead.

Plastic Bags


Keep plastic bags handy for dirty litter. A wall hanger saves space and lets you grab one easily as you clean up litter.

Basket for Utensils


Organize cleaning utensils with a small basket. Basket contents can include rubber gloves, deodorizer, a scrubber and pet-friendly cleansers. A bathroom trash can works well for this, or you can buy a decorative basket that matches your room’s decor.

Happy Cats


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Decorate with cat grass, some of your cat’s favorite toys or a scratching post to make the space more inviting for your kitties. Consider a tension rod with a shower curtain to give your cats some privacy. Start your cat littler box makeover with this litter mat and then go from there.

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