Labrador Retrievers Voted Top Dog Breed on Instagram!

The characteristics of Labrador retrievers makes them a favorite among many animal lovers. Their big friendly eyes, good temperament and intelligence help them adapt to the family quickly. For owners of Labs, it is no surprise that an analysis of 10 million Instagram photos shows them as the top dog.
A wireless pet fence company crunched the data using photos posted with the hashtag #DogsOfInstagram. Gathering the 10 million photos took approximately three months. While Labs took top billing, they were followed by German shepherds, bulldogs, pit bulls and golden retrievers.
Labs took the top spot in 17 states, while pit bulls were the most photographed in seven.

Labs are popular dogs for many different reasons. Their desire to please makes them easy to train, but you must set clear expectations for the dog. They can be mischievous when left to their own devices, so remember to provide them with plenty of structure.
Labs have a sweet disposition that makes them popular with families. If you begin training a Lab around children as a puppy, you can trust the dog in most situations. While they are strong, they are also gentle. Because they do not tire easily, you can take a Lab on practically any family adventure. The dogs love the attention and stay by your side for the entire trip.

The coat of the Lab makes caring for it easy; it grows short and compact. While other dogs sometimes require monthly trips to the groomer to look their best, the Lab’s coat continues looking great with a minimal investment of time in caring for it. The sturdy nature of the Lab is exhibited by Noodle, a puppy who slid out of his leash while riding a ferry and subsequently fell overboard in the Gulf of Naples. Hours later, when he was finally found, Noodle was cold and exhausted, but still treading water. Learn more of his story here.

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