Start Your Morning Off The Right Way With Some Kitty Coffee!

Nothing gets your motor purring in the morning like coffee. Then, as you sit there an enjoy your cup of joe, your kitty saunters up to you and says “Good morning, pet me!” Cat lovers around the world share in your love of coffee and cats. Consider that Japan has more than 150 cat cafes, and then a cafe in Oakland, California, finally opened a cat cafe in 2014. If you need a fix for cats and coffee together, look no further than these paw-some photos!

Just Hangin’ Out

This adorable calico is about the size of your average coffee mug. That’s because she fits so neatly inside of it!

Can’t Wait to Get Out!

This little one just wants to get out. Where’s his ball of string?

Tiger in Her Tank

Does this calico look familiar? She looks roarin’ to go now that she has some tiger in her tank! I’t’s not a good idea to actually let your cat drink coffee. Although coffee isn’t poisonous to cats, large enough doses of caffeine can cause heart damage. A few licks of coffee may not hurt, but eating coffee grounds can cause serious problems.

Staring Contest

This cat stares lovingly and longingly at the cup of coffee. Either that or he’s feigning interest in it. It’s hard to tell with the aloofness of cats!

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