If the Cat’s Not Happy, Nobody’s Happy: 10 Tips for Keeping Kitty Happy!

Every cat owner knows who really rules the roost. Keeping your cat happy is a sure way to keep everyone on good terms. Try these 10 ways to keep your feline family member purring.

Separate Dishes
Give your kitty separate spots for drinking and eating. She prefers fresh water in a separate location. Refill water once a day or more.

Free Feeding on Dry Food
Cats prefer munching leisurely throughout the day over sitting down to two or three big meals. Leave out a bowl of dry food so she can eat as she pleases.

Offer Wet Food
For dedicated meal times, serve up a bowl of wet cat food. The moisture in the food supplies her with water she needs to reduce her risk of urinary tract infections.

Use Large Litter Pans
Give your cat plenty of open space to do her business. A large, shallow pan also makes it easier to clean the dirty litter. Avoid covered pans, which cut space and may not appeal to your cat.

Choose Litter Carefully
Fill that large pan with unscented clay litter. Give the litter box a home that’s convenient yet private.

Help Rescue Animals

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