Humane Ways We Keep Roaming Cats Away From Our Yards!

From time to time, a stray feline finds its way into your backyard. While you can view this visitor as a cute imposition, your indoor cats can feel threatened that another feline is invading his territory. Even if a cat doesn’t have access to your yard, he still considers it his territory when he sees the yard from inside the house. Cats that roam through your yard can leave your pet feeling stressed and lead to problems, such as aggression or litter box issues. Here are a few tips for dealing with these stray visitors.

See If You Can Find the Cat’s Owner

If your visitor wears a collar or appears healthy and well feed, try finding the owner. Encourage the owner to keep his cat inside or create an outdoor confinement system.

Spay, Neuter and Return

A stray cat is one that had an owner at one time, but now, it’s abandoned or lost without hope of returning home. A feral cat never had a home. It was born to a wild cat or a stray. Alley Cat Allies is a national organization that helps to capture strays and feral cats to have them spayed or neutered before returning them to a safe area. This is for cats that are feral and cannot be adopted.

Find a Forever Home

If the visitor to your yard is a stray, you can help him find a forever home. Contact a local rescue organization or no-kill shelter. They can provide the means to catch the animal, socialize it again and find it a new home.

Commercial Cat Deterrents and Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Cats don’t like water, and a motion-activated sprinkler teaches unwanted feline visitors to avoid your yard. An ultrasonic deterrent, such as the Contech’s CatStop, also helps strays avoid your yard.

Natural Cat Deterrents
There are certain scents that a cat avoids if it can. Lemon and orange peel spread around your yard deters cats from coming close. Also, make sure to dig up any plants that attract cats, such as catnip and mint. With these tips, you can humanly deal with unwanted feline guests and keep your indoor cat stress free. Here’s one more way we can help homeless cats.

Help Rescue Animals

Provide food and vital supplies to shelter pets at The Animal Rescue Site for free!