Young Kangaroo Rescued After Close Call With A Cattle Grate

In the middle of nowhere of South Australia, along a lonely road in Flinders Ranges on a chilly winter morning, a young kangaroo found itself in a sticky situation. The youngster fell face first into a cattle grate over a two-lane highway. When a man came to investigate, he examined what happened and then took action.

A bystander managed to capture the moment on video to show the world this incredible rescue. You can hear children in the background talking to the man trying to extricate the kangaroo. The anonymous man warns, “These guys have a kick on them like a bit of a horse.” Then he proceeds to grab the animal by its hind legs and tail to try to pull him from the grate.

Once the man pulls on the kangaroo, the animal starts to huff, puff and make noise. After about 50 seconds of pulling, the rescuer holds onto the kangaroo’s tail to see if it’s hurt in any way. The creature then hops away, much to the delight of the people who witnessed the rescue in person. One boy calls out the kangaroo to have a good life, while his father then warns his children not to fall down into the cattle grate themselves.

Check out the amazing rescue below!

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