Canine Identity Crisis: Dog With Two Legs Looks More Like A Kangaroo Than A Pooch

As children, we often imagine ourselves as celebrities, animals or wild creatures when playing with friends. One canine has taken her imagination to the extreme and has adopted the persona of a kangaroo after losing both front legs. Her story shows that our imaginations can sometimes bring out the best in us when faced with adversity.

A 5-month old Northumberland rescue puppy has chosen to make the best of tragedy by showing that she still has a spring in her step. The puppy, Roo, was born with her front leg missing while in Romania and tragically lost the other by what the Safe Rescue for Dogs charity think was an attack by another dog, according to The Mirror.

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Roo was rescued from the harsh winters that she was unlikely to survive alone in the wild and adopted by Ian and Nikki Dick, who fell in love with the unique creature.

In pure survivor form, the dog has chosen to find a way to get around by bouncing on her hind legs in true kangaroo fashion. The adorable puppy thinks she is a kangaroo and at first sight, she even resembles the Australian animal with a partial front leg perched near her chest as she bounces to and from her destination.

Even with impending hydrotherapy and physical rehabilitation in her future, Roo has not lost the bounce in her step. The Dick family boasts that despite her physical challenges, the puppy with a forever home is loving and full of personality.

Our imaginations aid us to see possibilities, but it is determination and strength that land us opportunities. Roo was fortunate, despite her physical challenges, to find a family who was willing to love her unique nature. Many animals are not as lucky. You can help to find animals of all kinds homes and love by supporting the efforts of the Animal Rescue Site.

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