A Little Birdy Named Jack Says Social Media Isn’t Just All Dogs and Cats!

Meet Jack the cockatiel, an internet star who proves that there are other fun and photogenic animals besides cats and dogs that deserve the web’s admiration. The 25-year-old cockatiel is a regular feature on the Instagram account named in his honor, and his simple close-up poses against a plain white background feature fun props that are symbolic of the seasons, holidays, or just a bit of silliness. Here are some bits of information about this fascinating little bird.

Jack is a Sports Fan
Jack is often photographed with his favorite sports gear, such as a miniature skateboard, a little soccer ball or some bowling pins.

Jack is a Fan of the Holidays

Whatever the season, Jack knows the perfect photo opportunities, such as a Christmas bow or spring flowers.

Jack Likes his Toy Friends

Jack is frequently spotted with some of his inanimate toy friends, such as a stuffed dog, a plastic frog and little toy dinosaurs.

Jack is a Card Shark

OK, maybe ‘card bird’ is more accurate. Either way, Jack likes to pose with this playing cards.

Jack Digs the Fruit
Jack likes to pose with some of his favorite fruits, such as watermelon, oranges and even a pineapple with glasses.

Jack Appreciates Good Literature
When not posing with fruit, toys and other things, Jack likes to climb up on some of his favorite books.

Jack is a Brazilian Beauty
Jack lives in Brazil, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Jack is Quite a Popular Fellow
Jack is a certifiable Instagram star, with a fanbase of over 51,000 followers!
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