10 Items Your Local Shelter REALLY Needs This Time Of Year

As the memory of the winter holidays begins to fade, it becomes the time of year that shelters and other rescue organizations see an influx of animals in search of a forever home. Some of these animals may have been previously welcomed into homes that weren’t ready for the responsibilities of caring for a pet, as all of our furry friends require a great deal of food, supervision, and care. It’s a great time of year to donate some of these much-needed supplies to your local shelter. Here are 10 items that are always welcomed and appreciated.

10. Pet Food

Dog and cat food is always in demand at your local shelter even when there isn’t a large influx of animals. Treats, such as peanut butter, catnip, and dental sticks, are always a fantastic complement to donating a bag or two of pet food.

Photo: Flickr/Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

9. Toys

It’s important to keep shelter animals active and stimulated. Donating toys can bring joy to these animals and help keep their spirits up until they find a forever home. Stuffed toys, scratching posts, and catnip-infused mice are always popular among these lovable animals.

Photo: Flickr/Alan Levine

8. Cleaning Supplies

It’s essential to make sure that rescue cats and dogs have a safe and clean environment, and this is certainly a group that can make its share of messes. Donate cleaning supplies to help your shelter staff maintain a hygienic environment and stay in tip-top shape.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Peters

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