With This Instagram Cat As Your Tour Guide, Here Are 8 Adventures You Can’t Miss!

It’s common for most cats to generally stay close to home, with the majority of their wandering taking place around the confines of their neighborhood or house. However, Suki the Bengal cat takes her explorations one giant step further. This adorable kitty goes on adventures with her human, breaking through the typical boundaries in a spectacular way. The duo likes to escape human civilization and delve into the wonders of nature, hiking over rocks and strolling through the forest. Here are a few photos from Suki’s travels that’ll make you want to pack your bags and embark on an outdoor adventure of your own.

8. Taking In The View

Suki takes a moment to look over her “kingdom” from her own personal Pride Rock. And who can blame her? The view is impressive.

7. Checking Out The Toadstools

Suki is at home in the depths of the forest. The lush green brings out her gorgeous eyes. Sure, her human admits that she edits the color of Suki’s eyes, but they’re still beautiful.

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