This Instagram Artist Posts Some of the Funniest Animal Comics On Social Media

Well, Something Is In the Air

Coco le Creep 💘 #skunk #comic #cat #comics #valentines #webcomic #valentinesday

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Pepé Le Pew may be a classic, but this updated version shows how the flicker of love can spark between a cat and a skunk. Can these star-crossed lovers see past their differing species?

Safety First

This cheerful little bird found a snack in the road, but staying safe is always the most important thing. Just imagine that happy little chirping!

Ice Cream Time

à la crow'd 🍦 #comic #webcomic #crow #icecream #vanillaisinferior #childrenstears

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Birds can be tricky, especially daring crows that steal food right out of people’s hands. These crafty birds show that they’re not all bad, though. Sure, they stole the ice cream, but they feel bad about it.

It’s Not All Wild Animals

Namaste 🙏🏻🐈 #comic #webcomic #yoga #cat #catyoga #catyogi #nyx #erg #huff #namaste

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Although wild critters are the focus of most of Barkman’s comics, they’re not the only subject. Cats make frequent appearances, especially as they show off their yoga skills — or otherwise tease their humans.

These cheerful little comics are a great way to brighten up your day and add a little extra humor in your life. For even more cute and comedic animals, place this funny dog-themed mat by your doorway. Each purchase funds 35 bowls of food for animals in need.

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