This Instagram Artist Posts Some of the Funniest Animal Comics On Social Media

Ever wonder what animals are thinking? Instagram artist Joshua Barkman, creator of the comic “False Knees,” is here to help. This talented artist posts adorable, entertaining, and hilarious caricatures revealing the inner secrets of wild animals. Read on to discover a few of our favorites.

Is That a Direct Translation?

Some of the comics are simple and fun, like this cute image of a red-winged blackbird claiming the forest for himself.

Party Animals

Others imagine a conversation between two animals, like these adorable little raccoons. A raccoon birthday party sounds like a great time, but the food probably wouldn’t be very good.

Geese Can Be Frightening

Ever been stalked by an angry goose while you were just trying to go about your day? Apparently, they like messing with people’s heads.

Drawing Lessons

False Knees also provides helpful drawing lessons, such as this one showing how to capture the essence of a squirrel. They just don’t look right without the doomsday prepping.

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