No Wolf At This Piglet’s Door: Horton Grows Up

Not long ago, Horton the pig was rescued from slaughter. At the time, the little piglet was infested with pests, malnourished and far too small for his age. His experience left him leery and nervous of humans. However, his human rescuers at The Gentle Barn Tennessee nursed him back to health, handling him with love and treating him with kindness.Like any growing pig, Horton loves to frolic around his new home, accept belly rubs and play with his friends. However, he wasn't always so healthy and well-cared for. After a long road to recovery and plenty of love from his human friends, Horton is finally growing teeth and tusks.


To counteract the physical effects of starvation, they fed him a careful super food diet to give him much needed nutrients, boost his immune system and aid in his development. This road to recovery wasn't quick, taking many months to counteract both the physical and emotional effects of his earlier abuse.

Pigs are normally born with baby teeth which are then replaced at the year mark with adult teeth and tusks. Horton's neglect and physical suffering was so great as a piglet that he didn't develop as fast as he should, making the addition of teeth at 10 months old a big accomplishment.


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As a resident of the Gentle Barn in Tennessee, Horton has a bright future ahead of him. He has a permanent home there with plenty of other friends, from humans to fellow rescued animals. He has a best pig friend, Henry, who also had a rocky start. The two enjoy romping around together and napping under their blankets.Horton and Henry are two of the many animals who enjoy the sanctuary of the Gentle Barn. There are also several horses, cows, fowl, goats and dogs. Enjoy the antics of other happy barnyard animals.

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