Friendly Horse and Cat Make an Unlikely, Adorable Duo

If you think you’ve seen some adorable animal pairs, then you have to check out Sappy and Dakota. Sappy is a young cat, and since the time he was a kitten, he has been fond of Dakota, a huge, powerful horse. Dakota is just as fond of his buddy Sappy, and the two have been inseparable from almost the moment they met.According to Love Meow, Denice Kinney got Sappy in May 2015. She already had Dakota, who is 15 years old, along with several other horses. By the way, Sappy’s name doesn’t mean he has a sappy disposition. Actually, Kinney’s children gave him that name because they thought his face looked both sad and happy.


Sappy was fond of Dakota from the very beginning, and the Daily Mail reports that the cat may even see the horse as a father figure. There was something special about Dakota, because Sappy ignored the other horses on the farm.

The two are together at all times. When it’s feeding time for Dakota, Sappy is in the stall with him. When Dakota lies down on the ground to relax, Sappy lies down next to him. If Sappy wants to relax on Dakota’s back, he even climbs up the horse’s tail to get there.


The two often nap next to each other, and when Kinney rides Dakota, Sappy trots alongside them. Due to his size, Dakota could easily hurt Sappy if he weren’t careful. Fortunately, the horse is extremely gentle to make sure he doesn’t harm his friend. Sappy and Dakota really have made a bond for life, and it’s adorable to see the kind of friendship that can develop between animals. For another cute cat story, check out Cole, Marmalade and their owner, who wonders what it would be like to be a cat.

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