Horse Camp Gives Riders and Animals a Chance to Bond!

Summer is a time for kids to be active and enjoy outdoor recreation. Horse camp, which teaches children of all ages basic skills in horse care and riding, may be the perfect way for animal lovers to pass the summer months. The larger lessons learned include respect for animals, responsibility for caring for another living thing and enjoying the great outdoors.

All Skill Levels
Children of all skill levels get something out of horse camp. Preslee Davenport, age 8, attended her first horse camp in July 2016 at Circle J Farm outside of Nashville. Preslee enjoys riding and brushing the horses, and she thinks the animals enjoy it too. Oak Hill Stables Bed and Breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi caters to children from pre-kindergarten up to high school. Owner Laura Peddle Sale challenges all of her students at the camp and feels the greatest reward is seeing the kids come back every year as they grow.

Kids Keep Coming Back

Horse camp is great for beginners, but experienced riders can learn from these programs as well. Older riders can even work at camps once they get used to being around horses. Coy Herbert, a former student at Circle J Farm’s camp, spends his summers away from college helping out the younger kids as they get to know the horses.

Healing and Learning
Horse camp provides more than just lifelong lessons. Around 80 children in Detroit benefit from Horse Power Detroit, a nonprofit organization that lets city kids ride and care for horses at a ranch outside the city. David Silver, founder of the group, says the horses teach perseverance and compassion while providing a way for kids to become closer to nature away from urban problems. The southern Ohio-based Fear to Confidence horse camp is a four-week experience that imparts lessons of confidence, enthusiasm, teaming, problem solving and having fun. Horses have a profound effect on people, and horse camps provide a structured environment for kids of all ages to grow, learn and have fun. Watch this video about the beauty of a horse and dancers as humans interact with this magnificent and intelligent creature.

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