The Sleepbus Provides Safe Shelter for Homeless People and Their Pets

All animal lovers can understand the joy that pets bring to our lives, but for many homeless pet owners, their beloved animals are one of the few things that make life seem worthwhile. Despite this, many shelters and other services do not allow animals. One man’s innovative design may help change that. Homeless people who own pets consistently say that their animals are one of the few reasons they have to survive. Pets give otherwise isolated homeless people emotional support, and dogs can help ensure the safety of their owners when sleeping in dangerous areas. Despite the difficult conditions, most homeless people strive to provide plenty of food and necessary veterinary care for their pets.
Simon Rowe, an Australian man who spent four months homeless after an eviction, saw firsthand the ways that homeless shelters sometimes fail needy populations. Since homeless populations can change rapidly, shelters are often overcrowded and sometimes have to turn people away. There can be safety concerns in shelters with open floor plans. Most shelters also do not allow pets, which forces homeless pet owners to sleep on the streets or face giving up their beloved animals.
Rowe designed a unique plan to act as a temporary solution for all of these issues. The Sleepbus is a mobile homeless shelter that can be shuttled around to meet current needs. Each bus features 18 to 22 lockable sleeping pods where homeless people can rest without fear, with a caretaker watching over everyone for added security.

Storage lockers let the guests safely store personal items, and the pods even contain televisions and charging stations. Most importantly, perhaps, each bus also contains eight pet kennels where people can safely confine their pets for the night, letting both pets and people get out of inclement weather and get a good night’s sleep. The Sleepbus is an innovative design that recognizes how important pets are in our lives, no matter the circumstances. Express your understanding for the way homeless people feel about their pets and provide 14 bowls of food for an animal in need.

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