Hero, The Homeless Dog, Finds His Forever Home 5,000 Miles Away

Pets often become part of the family and serve an important role in teaching us how to love others. A dog without a home can be heartbreaking. Nearly 40 golden retrievers who were living on the streets of Istanbul are now on their way to finding forever homes and learning how to become integral members of families in the Atlanta area.

Thanks to the efforts of Adopt a Golden Atlanta, the furry friends were rescued from shelters and streets in Istanbul and traveled a 5,000-mile journey to find new homes. Among the golden retrievers rescued was Hero, a golden retriever with a crooked front leg and deformed elbow joint. Hero had undergone several surgeries in Turkey and was still in need of additional surgery when Chuck and Lisa Taylor opted to adopt a new pet, reported Three Million Dogs. Despite his medical challenges, the Taylors fell in love at first sight with their new Hero.


“Rescuing a dog is a little bit different than going out and buying a purebred dog, there’s no question about that,” the Taylors told USA Today. “It makes you feel good; it makes your heart feel good. You know that you’re doing something good for the world and the community and for the dog that needed rescuing.”

Many dog lovers felt the same way as the Taylors. News spread about the rescued goldens, many suffering from behavioral and medical issues, and Adopt a Golden Atlanta was soon overwhelmed with more than 500 applications for the 36 golden retrievers that traveled 5,000 miles to find homes.

These golden retrievers were lucky enough to have nurturing and loving families whisk them away and make them part of their family. Many dogs and animals that have been rescued from unsafe situations are still awaiting adoption in shelters across the world. You can make a difference by contributing to the Animal Rescue Site to help rescue more animals in need.

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