4 Things To Do To Help Shelter Animals Every Day!

It can be heartbreaking to think about the animals in shelters, and it’s only natural to want to do something for them. Even if adopting a cat or dog is not an option for you right now, there are many other ways you can lend a hand and make life a little easier for those animals. From things as simple as taking pictures to more complex and dedicated jobs, such as fostering a pet, here are four things you can do every day to help shelter animals.

1. Help the Animals Find a Home
What shelter animals need most of all is a home. If you’re able to adopt and give a shelter animal a loving home, it’s the single greatest thing you could do for it. But even if adopting is not a possibility just yet, you can still help by sharing adoption profiles on your social media, spreading the word about animals in need.

2. Foster an Animal
According to Mother Nature Network, fostering is beneficial for the shelter because it opens up some space, allowing the shelter to accept newcomers. For the animal you foster, it gets to spend time away from the often stressful shelter environment. In addition, fostering can be a very rewarding experience as you provide the animal with everything it needs, including love, shelter, food and training. Although it’s definitely a challenge, the hardest part is often saying goodbye.

3. Donate
BarkPost recommends checking with the shelter to see what items it needs. Donating to local shelters is great; just keep in mind that you can also donate to international organizations.

4. Volunteer

Sometimes, the best thing you can donate is your own time and talent. There are plenty of ways you can help, from cleaning up kennels to taking pictures of the animals for adoption profiles. Figure out how you can help the most based on your skills and abilities. Of course, shelters are always in need of people to transport animals, walk dogs and show cats some attention.At the end of the day, helping out shelter animals is all about getting out there and taking action. There are so many ways to help shelter animals, and here’s yet another.

For rescue organizations that save the lives of thousands of pets each year, providing for the basic needs of dogs and cats, such as food and medical care, can be an overwhelming expense — often leaving little budget left for non-essential supplies.

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