8 Reasons Regular Grooming Benefits Dogs and Owners

Daily grooming may feel like a chore at times, but brushing your dog has some amazing physical and mental benefits for you both. Here are some of the best reasons to incorporate grooming into your daily routine.

8. Improve Your Relationship


Grooming is a great way to build trust with your dog. Even dogs that dislike being groomed at first quickly learn that you aren’t going to hurt them and that it can even feel good.

7. Cut Down On Vacuuming


Brushing your dog daily removes loose hair before it can fall out on its own, which means your dog sheds less and you can spend less time vacuuming your house. Choosing the right tools for your dog’s coat can maximize these benefits.

6. Prevent Uncomfortable Mats


Mats are ugly and often painful for dogs, and even short-coated breeds can get them. Burrs or other foreign objects can also get stuck in thick coats and irritate the skin. Daily brushing prevents this.

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