The 10 Grinchiest Cats Of All Tackle Trees This Christmas

Many cat owners have come to know the holidays as a time of bountiful temptations for our feline friends, and it can get downright messy. Decorated Christmas trees can be a wonderland of activity for cats, as they offer an allure that’s too much for them to resist. Whether kitties are batting at ornaments or climbing the Christmas tree, they certainly bring their share of seasonal mischief. Often, it leads to hilarious hijinks, of which we can’t help but laugh. Check out the antics of these 10 mischievous kitties, who may be on Santa’s naughty list this year.

10. Look Out Below

This cat has nearly climbed to the top of the Christmas tree to duke it out with a shiny ornament. The poor ornament doesn’t stand a chance in this holiday boxing match.

9. Stronger Than I Look

It’s the tug of war of holiday lights! Pulling as hard as he can, this black-and-white fur baby manages to pull the lights off of the Christmas tree. It leaves you wondering if this kitty later managed to pull down the entire tree!

8. Almost There … Oh No!

A call to the fire department may be somewhere down the road in this kitty’s future. This cat almost reaches the top of the tree and looks back to see how far he’s come before disaster ensues.

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