8 Reasons Why Great Danes Are Simply The Best Dogs You Can Find

Great Danes can be intimidating at first glance due to their giant size and intense expressions. However, anyone who has spent much time around these gentle giants quickly realizes that they’re more silly than scary. Despite their somewhat goofy personality, these amazing dogs have a hidden reserve of intelligence and courage that dates back to their roots as hunting dogs. Here are eight reasons why Great Danes make great additions to the family.

8. They Like To Kick Back and Relax

Despite their size, Great Danes make excellent dogs for busy families and apartment dwellers because they tend to have fairly low exercise requirements. They do like to play and can be rambunctious at times, but they calm down quickly and prefer to spend most of their time being giant couch potatoes.

7. They Love Children

Great Danes are bred to have gentle, tolerant personalities, which makes them good playmates for children. They tend to be friendly, outgoing, and nonaggressive as well, so they get along well with visitors. Sometimes they can forget just how big they are, so young toddlers should always be supervised with them, and Great Dane puppies need to be taught to be careful.

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