8 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Top Dogs Among Canines

The golden retriever embodies some of the characteristics we love best in dogs: unconditional love, intelligence, friendliness, and playfulness. They’re the companion that sits with you on a quiet afternoon or joins you in a morning hike. They greet all people — especially you — with endearing enthusiasm. Their even-tempered and well-mannered behavior makes them the perfect breed for families and single-pet owners alike. Here are some reasons why they’re the best breed ever.

8. They’re Obedient

If you want a dog that will actually come when you ask, try a golden retriever. They’re known for their obedience, which is why they’re such rock stars in obedience competitions.

7. Golden Retrievers Are Athletic

If you like to go on family hikes, runs, and walks, the golden retriever will happily join you. They’re an athletic dog that needs daily exercise, but many are not overly active, meaning that a few walks and some time playing in the yard should do the trick. You can take them with you on adventures, but an adventure isn’t necessary every day.

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