9 Fun Facts About Pigs We Didn’t Know!

In E.B. White’s book ‘Charlotte’s Web’, Wilbur is a smart little pig that grows up and, with the help of friends, saves his own life. In real life, pigs are bright animals and socially engaging like Wilbur.

1. Long-Term Memories

Pigs retain information in their long-term memory. A pig is smarter than a dog and may be smarter than a 3-year-old human.

2. Sense of Time

A pig remembers events from the past, so he adjusts to your normal routine. He knows when to expect you home for work, when you normally feed him and when you need to leave each day. The pig’s sense of time allows him to plan for future events.

3. Mazes and Puzzles

Pigs are able to find their way out of a maze. If you hide an object, they are good at finding it. Their snouts are sensitive and they are able to smell tubers and roots buried deep under the surface of the ground.

4. Symbolic Language

Pigs are able to understand symbols when they are used consistently. This allows owners to develop signals to communicate with their pig. They can recognize themselves in a mirror and locate an object in relation to their body using the image.

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