8 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Breed Ever

The French bulldog can go from smiles and snuggles on the couch to tearing around the house and booty-scooting across the floor in a heartbeat. This zooming energy typically subsides, as the pooch tends to power down quickly — until he switches back into strike mode. That Frenchies are funny, frisky, and friendly are among these eight reasons why French bulldogs are the best dog breed out there.

8. They Are Entertaining

Who needs sitcoms when there’s a French bulldog around! Your buddy likes to prance around the room, skitter across the floor grinning, and roll around while chattering at you. They top the doggie world entertainment list with their yips, gargles, and squawks as they talk to you, voicing their opinions about pretty much everything. They might occasionally sing along with their favorite tunes in the car.

Photo: Pixabay

7. French Bulldogs Are Comical

While they’re low maintenance, Frenchies sometimes need baths, which give the goofy pups another venue for their comical antics. Expect anything from a bubbly beard to vocal protests over the indignant position of being doused.

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6. French Bulldogs Are Happy in Small Spaces …

This may be one of the best breeds for people who live in small apartments. French bulldogs are perfectly happy in small spaces, and some even prefer having the option to retreat to a small crate for security. Single individuals of all ages, including senior citizens, find Frenchies affable companions due to their quiet nature and tendency to be satisfied just being with their person wherever they may be.

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5. … But They Can Be Frisky Little Bursts of Energy

French bulldog puppies come in roly-poly little balls of sass and energy. If there is a ball to chase, your French bulldog is bound to be hot on the trail. Tennis balls make great toys, but the Frenchie gets in on any game that includes a ball, including your one-on-one game of basketball.

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4. A Snowy Day Is OK

When it’s time for the daily walk or to build snow-doggies, your French bulldog is A-OK with that. Frenchies are fine with going for walks in cool weather. Just remember that his short coat will require a doggy sweater or warm coat when going outside in colder temperatures.

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3. They’re Crackerjack Couch Potatoes

Your adult Frenchie tends to be dignified, restful, and can get by without a lot of exercise. If you happen to think a daily walk is all you need, your Frenchie says that’s good enough. They make the best couch potatoes, and love to snooze beside you while you watch your favorite show or read.

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2. They Clown Around With Other Dogs

French bulldogs were bred to be companions, and they make affectionate, friendly additions to your household. They generally get along with other dogs, and may even clown around with them whenever they get the chance.

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1. Frenchies Love People

The French bulldog is considered dependably amiable — he loves his human family. Frenchies simply love people. However, they’re very sensitive dogs and they do not respond well to criticism. If you yell at a French bulldog, the poor pooch is apt to take it seriously and mope around. He’s your pal, and responds best to positive reinforcement.

Photo: Flickr/Tomas Roggero

Everything your French bulldog dog does is for your entertainment — he wants your attention. The Frenchie is a companion dog all the way around, seeking your approval and affection, and giving so much fun and enjoyment in return.

French bulldogs may be some of the most amiable of dog breeds, but all dogs can have trouble properly acquainting themselves with their kitty peers.

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