9 Advantages Food Puzzles Offer for Pets and Owners!

Food puzzles contain food for your cat or dog, but your pet only accesses the food after solving a certain task to obtain the reward. Puzzle feeders are great for animals who are healthy and get plenty of food during the day. Find out how food puzzles could benefit your pet.

Alleviates Boredom

These types of puzzles keep dogs and cats occupied during the day instead of bored. Instead of coming home to an unrolled toilet paper roll or an overly hyperactive dog jumping all over you, your pet may decide to remain calm after a day of neurological stimulation.

Provides Entertainment

Dogs and cats love the thrill of the hunt. Food puzzles keep pets entertained due to the fun of seeking a reward.

Helps Dieting

Puzzle feeders are great for pets on a diet because it slows down the act of eating. Instead of a big bowl of chow all at once, your dog or cat gets food one or two morsels at a time.

Gives Pets Exercise

Pets with limited mobility or indoor pets get more exercise with puzzle feeders. This is especially true for older dogs that still have a sharp mind, even though they don’t move as quickly as they did in their younger years.

Relieves Indigestion

Some dogs and cat get upset tummies from eating too fast. Puzzle feeders distribute food a little at a time to help relieve indigestion from eating too quickly.

Help Rescue Animals

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