Worried Kitty Might Have Missed Her Litter Box? This Flashlight Detects Unseen Pet Urine Stains!

If your cat urinates outside its litter box, the smell can build until your home is almost uninhabitable. But once the urine dries, some of the odor sources are hard to find. An ultraviolet flashlight gives you the same power crime scene investigators use for finding bodily fluids. They are available on Amazon and are not expensive!

Finding these spots is the first step in eliminating odors and reclaiming your home. The UV flashlight eliminates light that is beyond the visible range for human eyes. When the light from the rechargeable unit strikes a urine stain, chemicals from the dried fluid reflect the light with a blue glow. This glow allows you to find the exact place your kitty urinated on your carpet or a stack of dirty clothing. It is important for pet owners to find these stains and remove the odor completely or their cat may return to the same place later, making box training much more difficult.


There are many reasons that a cat that has used a litter box successfully in the past suddenly stops using it. If the litter box is full or there are not enough litter boxes for the number of cats in the house, your kitty may decide making its own spot is a better choice. Some cats do not like litter box liners or covers. Changing brands of litter is also a problem. However, sometimes cats have health issues that lead to frequent urges for emptying their bladder.

If the behavior continues after you clean the stain, you should take the cat to a vet. If your cat is healthy and you have eliminated other reasons for it to stop using the litter box, the problem could be with your cleaning materials. Click here to learn about Fizzion, a product that uses carbon dioxide for the removal of odors and stains left by cat urine on carpets, clothing or other fabric.

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