Even The Most Fashionable Felines Aren’t Interested In These Outfits

Nothing seems to delight pet parents more than dressing up their furry children on Halloween — or on any other holiday, for that matter. Everybody seems to love seeing their pet dressed up as a swashbuckling pirate or a lovely ladybug — except for maybe the pets themselves. Cats certainly can do without the funny clothes. Here are some fashionable felines who really don’t care for their fancy outfits. Remember, if you’re going to dress up your pet, make sure you are also supervising for its safety.

8. “I am NOT a happy bumblebee.”

This cat may look adorable in his bumblebee outfit, but it’s clearly not one of his happier moments. The range of motion is important to a cat, and making a kitty wear a costume that covers up its fur can interfere with its ability to move — as evidenced by the end of this video.

7. “I’m gonna get you!”

This cat is getting into the role of villain in style. Why chase your target if you can ride toward it faster on a Roomba? Though this feline looks much less enthused about its shark costume, which appears to inhibit its eyes and ears.

6. “What’s that on my head? Get if off!”

A Santa hat on a kitty is much more entertaining for the cat’s parents than it is for this confused feline. If the little guy could only catch it, then that tiny hat would be coming off his head so fast.

5. “I can’t move!”

You’d be hard-pressed to find something more adorable than this cat-monkey, who plays the role well and enjoys licking bananas. But this costume also appears to be smothering the kitty’s ears and encumbering its limbs, making walking or even jumping difficult. You can sense the cat would rather do without the costume.

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