Yoga Is Healthy For Humans, But Are You Feline Flexible?

As a cat owner, you probably see your kitty do some pretty amazing feats of flexibility. If you’re also into yoga, you might feel a bit jealous that you can’t stretch in the same way Fluffy can. Don’t despair because yoga is very healthy for you. Owning cats also has several health benefits. How about combining both healthy habits into one? If you haven’t heard of cat yoga, there are several reasons why cats and yoga mix perfectly.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Yogalowers your blood pressure, and that has all kinds of health benefits across your entire body. Petting cats also lowers your blood pressure. When you add your cat to your yoga routine, you get a double-dose of lowering blood pressure.

Inspiring Poses

Your cat can inspire you to perform poses that you never thought were possible. Beyond the aptly named cat pose, check out this feline as he stretches his front legs forward as much as possible.

Stretching Like a Cat

Try moving your body into a cat-like stretch. You’d be surprised how many similarities you and your cat have.


Yoga offers you a chance to meditate while focusing on your poses. Scientists believe cats may meditate in rhythm with their own breathing. Learn to bring mindfulness meditation into your life by focusing your thoughts on your cat. Not only do you get to meditate, but you can bond with your kitty at the same time.

Cat Yoga for a Cause

Cats and yoga inspires cat adoptions. Homeward Bound is a program in Decatur, Illinois, whereby a yoga studio invited cats from a local shelter to yoga sessions. The outreach raised more than $500 for local shelters, and some kitties found forever homes.

Team Up!

Your cat probably loves to jump on you and sit around your shoulders. Why not let him climb around you as you stretch? There’s nothing like a human-cat team up!


Yoga catsand evenyoga kittensare both trendy right now. Imagine your smile when you try to stretch with a kitten licking at your hands or feet.

Cat Pose

Of course, there’s the obvious cat pose when it comes to yoga. Let our your inner feline when you stretch and pose in the shape of a cat!

Cats and yoga bridge the best of two worlds for many reasons. Cats and yoga are both relaxing and they take your stress away, and you can’t go wrong with cute fluffballs striking a pose alongside you. While you’re having fun reading about cat yoga, check out this adorable kitty working through the motions of several poses.

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