10 Top Must-Have Items in a Feline First Aid Kit!

Your feline friend gets in to a lot of mischief inside your home and outside in the yard. From tiffs with other cats to eating something they shouldn’t, cats can need a little medical attention from time to time. It’s essential that you keep a kitty first-aid kit. Here are some essentials.

Bandages, Adhesive Tape, Tweezers and Scissors

src: https://pixabay.com/en/cotton-swabs-flexible-rods-592148/
src: https://pixabay.com/en/cotton-swabs-flexible-rods-592148/

For minor injuries and wounds, you need to staunch the bleeding by applying a bandage and keep it in place with tape. Tweezers and scissors make it easy to remove splinters and items stuck in your cat’s paw or fur.

OTC Medications and Prescriptions
When your pet takes daily medication or needs medicine to fight an infection, you want to put it in a central location.

Flat Leash, Muzzle and Towel
If your cat is injured, he might lash out at you. Use a towel or muzzle to protect yourself from sharp teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Cotton Swabs
Use cotton swabs to apply hydrogen peroxide direct to an injury and avoid getting it all over your kitty’s fur.

Eyedropper and Eyewash for Wound Cleaning
If your cat is squinting at you, he might have a scratch on his eye. Use the eyedropper and eyewash to clean the wound.

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