Estate Planning for Pet Owners: 8 Ways to Ensure a Pet’s Future!

Although most people do not like to think about their own mortality, planning ahead is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. This includes planning for your pet’s future should your pet outlive you. By having a plan in place, you can rest assured that your fur baby doesn’t end up among the hundreds of thousands of pets sent to shelters each year. A little forethought now can save your pet from this heartbreaking fate.

Plan for Emergencies
Have at least two trusted family members of friends on standby who can step up to the plate should you become incapacitated or die. By lining them up now, if the unexpected happens, your pet can easily transition into their care and remain safe and secure.

Make Your Wishes Known
Discuss your wishes with your family, friends, and chosen caretakers. Make sure that everyone involved is on board with what you want for your pets.

Keep Caregiver Information Available

Carry information about your chosen caregiver on you at all times, or have it posted in a convenient place in your home. In the event of an emergency, responders can use the information to contact the caretaker, so your pet doesn’t end up in a shelter. A wallet alert card or stickers posted near your front door can be useful in relaying this info.

Add Pet Care Wishes to Your Will
Add your pet care wishes to your last will and testament. Having a concrete plan in a legal document puts an end to any confusion about what you want to see happen with your pets when you’re gone.

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