5 Ways to Make a Difference on Endangered Species Day

Habitat loss, overhunting and other causes are pushing many animal species to the brink of extinction. Endangered Species Day is a holiday designed to raise awareness of these issues and help people get involved with conservation efforts.

Endangered Species Day is a little-known holiday, but it can have a big impact. It occurs on the third Friday in May, although many zoos and aquariums host events all through the month. Established in 2006, Endangered Species Day is designed to help people learn about the diverse species listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and how small actions can have big impacts on these valuable animals.


One of the best ways to get involved on Endangered Species Day is to visit a wildlife refuge, aquarium or botanical garden that is hosting educational events in your area. Entry fees and donations help fund captive breeding programs and conservation efforts, and you may be inspired to take even more action. If you can’t go directly, listen to podcasts or other educational materials about endangered species.

You can also pledge to help animals by writing to your representatives, signing petitions or donating to conservation groups. Whether you care about wolverines or sperm whales, you can take action.


Since you know about Endangered Species Day, help spread the word. Post about it on social media and tell your friends and family. Encourage people to get involved personally by sharing links about your favorite endangered species.

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Climate change is part of the threat that many endangered animals face. Consider celebrating Endangered Species Day by learning about easy steps you can take to help reduce your carbon footprint, including energy conservation and supporting alternative fuels.


Make a difference on a local level. There are many little-known endangered species throughout the United States, and many of them have local conservation groups working to protect them. Local activism can make a significant difference for these animals.

Endangered species face grave threats to their recovery, but celebrating Endangered Species Day is an easy way to help protect them.

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