Don’t Get Caught Without These Emergency Items For Your Pet

Nobody wants to plan for a possible emergency — be it for natural disasters or medical situations — but there’s always a chance that you’ll find yourself in such a position. When emergency strikes, humans can make contingency plans relatively quickly, like packing a change of clothes that you can throw in your car, or preparing a 72-hour food kit.

However, pets aren’t so lucky. They can’t pack an extra bag of kibble or a bottle of water on the fly, which means that you have to get it done for them. Fortunately, putting together a checklist of emergency preparedness items isn’t too difficult. Here are some must-have supplies you should have for your pet in the event of such a critical situation.

8. Water

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Water is the most important item to have on hand for your pet. Animals need water to survive. Make sure you have at least one week’s supply of water —preferably two — for each of your pets. Bottles of water store well and can be carried easily.

7. Food

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Like anyone else in your household, animals have to eat. And like water, your pet should have at least a week’s worth of food ready to go. Canned food is good for storing and rationing, though make sure you have a can opener available.

6. Medicine

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If your pet is taking any medications, make sure to pack a two-week supply. Have medication for bloat on hand (think Gas-X or Happy Traveler) just in case stress or a change in diet causes digestive problems for your furry friend.

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