These 8 Dogs Are Quite Sure They’ve Made The Wrong Decision

Dogs are a lively, rambunctious lot with unflappable energy that seems to get them in trouble more often than not. Once in a while, a dog does something that he immediately comes to regret. Here’s our tribute to our brave, four-legged friends who find themselves in such situations — and continue to press forward with reckless abandon.

8. “I don’t know how this got here!”

After this fella got away from his yard, he returned the following day with a broom handle attached to his collar. One can only imagine the tale this pup has to go with this strange occurrence.

7. “Out of the way, human!”

Even dogs want to cool off in the summer, and a slip-and-slide seems like a fun, perfect way. After all, humans seem to enjoy it. But this dog is finding it may be difficult to stay upright on the slippery surface. Plus, the guy getting crushed seems to regret the experience almost as much as the dog.

6. “Maybe I can squeeze through this tiny hole.”

Dogs sometimes have an unrealistic perception of their size. This guy manages to stick his head in a tiny space, but removing his head from said space proves to be a whole other challenge.

5. “Why are the stairs moving?”

Moving stairs seem interesting, until they start shifting below your feet. This dog was not prepared for his first ride on the escalator. He wishes he’d taken the elevator instead.

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